Tacoma, WA Brick & Stone Veneer

Stone Veneer is an excellent way to add to your existing space or to create new living areas. It keeps your home and surroundings natural while giving it the sophistication and high quality appearance. There are so many places where stone veneer can completely change the look and feel of your home such as your kitchen, bath, living room, and even the facade of your home.

There are many decisions to make when you decide to improve the appearance of your home or when building from scratch.  First you must chose whether your project is better off utilizing manufactured stone veneer or natural stone. Then, ask yourself if you are looking for modern leanings or more traditional. Next, decisions about shapes, colors, and textures follow.

Why use stone veneer? You can achieve the natural beauty of stone, rock, or brick with less cost to you! This is how it works. Basically, one third of the stone or brick is actually being applied to your existing hard surfaces. If you are going for a manufactured stone, it is actually made from concrete and will replicate natural stone textures and colors. It can be installed in both the interior as well as exterior surfaces. The only place you shouldn’t place manufactured stone is in places where you have constant water exposure such as a bathroom.

You can have everything you want; brick and stone veneering make it possible to truly transform your average home into a show-stopping, jaw-dropping, eye-catching masterpiece

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