Retaining Walls

If your yard features sloping or elevated spaces, then you must have been thinking of the best solutions for your landscape. You have the option of leveling these spaces to match your entire landscape but this will cost a lot of time, money, and energy. A better option is to install a hardscape that will allow you to enjoy your yard just as it is. Retaining walls are landscape features that provide structural support for sloping yards. They transform elevated yard spaces into focal points and thus, enhance the visual appeal of landscapes. We are the retaining wall contractors in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Structural Support
The primary function of a retaining wall is to hold the soil in its place. It serves as a protective structure for slopes by preventing the soil from sliding downwards. This makes retaining walls essential features for properties in Wyoming as the city has a history of floods. The installation of retaining walls will eliminate the possibility of erosions and landslides. By giving your yard the protection it needs, you will be saving yourself from spending lots of money on repairs in the future. Your outdoor space will become safer and more stable.

Depending on how they are constructed, retaining walls can become one of the most attractive features of your landscape. They can be built in several shapes, textures, sizes, and colors. So, it is best to hire experienced retaining wall contractors like us for the job. The visual appeal of the concrete retaining walls we construct is unmatched throughout the city. We will do our very best to ensure that they blend into your property perfectly. This will be an advantage for you should you put your home up for sale in the future since properties with higher aesthetic value are more valuable.

Low Maintenance
Your yard will become much easier to maintain when you install retaining walls. Rainwater runoff is one of the biggest worries for property owners as they cause varying levels of damages. Retaining walls will make your life much easier by controlling the flow of water around your yard. You will save valuable time and money. Furthermore, retaining walls will serve you for several decades with no special form of maintenance. All you will have to do is to routinely check its pipes for clogs. This is particularly essential when rain is approaching to avoid flooding.

Create Functional Space
While mounds and hills are good landscape features, they have a few downsides. They take up lots of valuable space and the process of landscaping them can also be complicated. A much better option will be to create terraces by installing a series of retaining walls. You can then opt to use the space for planting beautiful flowers. Furthermore, terracing can be used to create an exquisite facade that will help you to highlight other landscape features such as your walkway, garden, and patio. It can be used to define entertainment areas such as outdoor kitchens and dinings too.