Tacoma, WA Brick Masonry

 If you are looking for highly durable construction, brick masonry is what you are looking for. The systematic way in which bricks are laid creates solid form meant to withstand heavy loads and foot traffic. The bonding used in brickwork is called mortar which has several different classes depending on the structure you are looking to install. This mixture takes years of experience to perfect and when done correctly will provide long lasting capacity to all structures. Typically there are four types of mortar used in any given project. Each of these will vary in its ratio of cement, lime, and sand in order to perform in different functionalities such as flexibility, bonding, and compressive strength. As professional bricklayers you can count on our team to deliver the results desired.

Another common service we provide is brick or stone veneering. Construction has come a long way and most walls we see today that look like solid stone walls are in fact veneered. This type of brick masonry has its own variation of installation that requires an expert hand and practiced skills. With hundreds of variations in type of stone and brick, your vision can easily be achieved. If you find the multitudinous variety to be daunting rest assured that we are ready to counsel with you and offer any guidance in which style best suits your lifestyle, home, and existing outdoor living space. 

Just like most construction material, brick can change its volume with changes in temperature and absorption of water. After these calculations are made, our team will use expansion joints which separates each brick into small segments which can then act individually. This important method is often skipped or overlooked which results in cracking. We expect and account for temperature change, water moisture, and vertical/horizontal settlement which all can result in possible cracking. We get it done right the first time!

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